Services and Prices

Larry’s Custom Meats is a modern full service USDA-licensed slaughter and processing facility with a capacity of 5,000 head annually.  Our services include:





Beef Slaughter Slaughter of Beef $70.00 Each (ea)
Corned Beef Marinated in Corning Brine $0.50 Pound (lb)
Cube Steak Cubing Meat $0.45 Pound (lb)
Cut Wrap Freeze 1/4s Processing Split 1/4s of Beef $0.90 Pound (lb)
Cut, Wrap, Freeze Process and Package $0.80 Pound (lb)
Hickory Smoking Smoking Meat with Real Hickory $1.00 Pound (lb)
Hog Slaughter Slaughter and Scalding of Hogs $45.00 Each (ea)
Hog Quartering Slaughter, Scalding, and Quartering $60.00 Each (ea)
Hog Primal Cuts Slaughter, Scald, Cut in Primal Cuts $95.00 Each (ea)
Lamb/Goat Processing Cut, Wrap and Freeze Lamb & Goat $45.00 Each (ea)
Lamb/Goat Slaughter Slaughter of Lamb/Goat $30.00 Each (ea)
Linking Sausage Linking $0.75 Pound (lb)
Little Links Breakfast Little Links $0.95 Pound (lb)
Patties Processing Meat Into Patties $0.50 Pound (lb)
Sausage Processing Sausage $0.50 Pound (lb)
Slicing Use of Slicer for Meats $0.45 Pound (lb)