USDA Licensed Slaughter and Processing Facility

Modern Full Service USDA-Licensed Facility

Modern Full Service USDA-Licensed Facility

USDA-logoLarry’s Custom Meats is a modern, full service USDA-licensed slaughter and processing facility with a capacity of 5,000 head annually. Our climate controlled building was designed to have efficient production flow with the highest standards of food safety. Larry’s Custom Meats is committed to the humane treatment of all animals entering our facility. We believe that when livestock is used for human benefit, they should be treated humanely.

Larry Althiser has more than 30 years experience working in slaughterhouses and as a meat cutter founded Larry’s Custom Meats in 2002.  In April 2011, Larry’s Custom Meats became a USDA-licensed slaughterhouse!

AWA-LogoLarry’s Custom Meats is family owned and operated.

Larry’s Custom Meats “Mission of Transparency” is that all animals are tracked with a lot system so you are guaranteed to take home what you brought in.  All products are vacuumed-sealed at Larry’s Custom Meats to ensure product freshness and provide you longer freezer shelf-life.

 Larry’s Custom Meats Specialty Services:

  • Beef, Hog, Lamb & Goat Slaughter
  • Hog Scalding
  • On-Site USDA Smokehouse
  • Skinless breakfast sausage links
  • Ground beef, pork & lamb
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Boxing service on request
  • Custom labels on request
  • Hanging Weight for your records & analysis
  • Weekly pick from Regional Access
Why USDA Certification is Important to the farmer:

  • Provides a local slaughterhouse for local livestock farmers
  • Allows farmers to legally re-sale their meats
  • Increases local livestock farmer profits
  • Increases processing capacity for farmers to reach multiple retail outlets – farmers markets, stores, restaurants, institutions, ability to sell across state lines
  • Allows increased direct contact with consumers
  • Insures humane treatment of your animals
  • Wholesale pricing available, please call for details.